The Town Council own and manage a cemetery in Mampitts Lane, known as the Mampitts Cemetery. For any queries relating to the cemetery please contact the Town Hall, High St, Shaftesbury or telephone 01747 852420.

Cemetery Charges 2015/16

Exclusive Right of Burial 99 years (Purchase of Grave)      £132.00
Exclusive Right of Burial 99 years (Purchase of Cremation Plot)      £71.50
Internment      £93.50
Internment of Ashes      £60.50
Internment 0-5yrs      No charge
Internment 5yrs-12yrs      £38.50

Approval of Monument
Flat Stone over a Grave      £90.75
Headstone/Footstone      £93.50
Monument 9x5x4ft      £302.50
Tablet      £72.60
Fixed Vase      £18.15
Added Inscription to existing Memorial      £25.00

All fees will be doubled for Non Residents

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