Shaftesbury Snowdrop Lantern Parade - A Magical Evening

on Monday, 20 February 2017. Posted in News


The Deputy Mayor of Shaftesbury, Councillor Lester Taylor, led the Snowdrop Lantern Parade from the Trinity Tower down to the Park at St James on Saturday evening. The sun had just set and the crisp and clear twilight provided a magnificent backdrop to the evening’s events.

The Deputy Mayor said “The children bearing handmade lanterns, and the Steps in Time dancers were the stars of the night, drawing much applause and gasps of delight from the many hundreds of assembled spectators. As we entered the park I looked back up the hill at the parade stretching over 100 yards behind me, lanterns zig-zagging gently along the path filling the skyline like festive fireflies against the backdrop of The Abbey.”

The parade assembled in the Park and the magnificent Shaftesbury Snowdrop Dragon, Galanthus, made possible by a grant from the Town Council, was invoked to join the throng. Steps in Time danced to rouse the Green Man and the parade then set off to make its way up Gold Hill to its conclusion.

The Deputy Mayor said “There are far too many people and organisations to thank here, all I can say is that the heartfelt gratitude of all on the Town Council goes to everyone, young and old, who give up their time every year to make this magical dream come alive and you should all be rightly proud of what you have accomplished. May the Snowdrops continue to bring their beauty and to flourish and blossom in Shaftesbury for evermore.”


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