Shaftesbury Town Council responds to local plan review.

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Town Hall, Shaftesbury, Dorset, SP7 8LY


FROM:           The Town Clerk, Mrs Claire Commons

DATE:            Wednesday, 13 December 2017



Shaftesbury Town Council responds to local plan review.

The Town Council has carried out a thorough review of the North Dorset Local Plan consultation and Sustainability Appraisal. At its meeting on 12th December 2017, the following responses were put, where ‘no comment’ was provided in relation to other towns, these questions have been omitted from the below response;

Q1. Housing

Do you consider that a housing need figure of 366 dwellings a year is an appropriate figure on which to plan for housing growth in North Dorset? If not, please set out what you consider to be an appropriate figure and provide reasons for this.

It seems appropriate based on the data provided

Q3. Employment

Do you consider that there is a need to allocate additional employment land in any other part(s) of the District?

Yes, in Shaftesbury. It is expected that there will be overspill requirement from other areas. Also please note the infrastructure response at Question 29.

Q4. Spatial Strategy

Do you consider that the existing spatial strategy, as set out in LPP1 should be amended to allow for some limited growth at Stalbridge, beyond just meeting local needs?

Yes, limited growth above local need.

Q5. Spatial Strategy

Do you think that the Council should consider implementing any other alternative spatial strategy through the LPR? If so, please explain your reasons why.

Look at rural areas and development to support children attending village schools to keep the vitality of smaller areas. More households are needed to increase the number of children attending to ensure sustainability of the schools

Q11. Gillingham

What are the additional infrastructure requirements that are likely to result from potential future development at Gillingham?

A more accessible railway station and larger car park.

Q12. Shaftesbury

Do you agree with the conclusions regarding the areas of search identified at Shaftesbury?

In the areas identified for development the text highlighting issues identified them as not being suitable for development.

The Town Council opposed the proposals to extend into Wiltshire due to the loss of control

Agreement for some development at area A but not to include the bypass corridor.

Opposed extending of the settlement boundary.

Q13. Shaftesbury

Are there any further issues relating to the areas of search that you think should have been considered as part of the assessment process?

The preserved Slopes policies should be included in the Local Plan and should extend beyond Shaftesbury to protect the countryside beyond the town boundary.

Q14. Shaftesbury

What are the additional infrastructure requirements that are likely to result from potential future development at Shaftesbury?

Ensure open spaces, more employment land, car-parking and public transport facilities and improved crossing at Christy’s Lane.

Q21. The Villages

Do you agree with the Council’s proposed approach in relation to future development at the eighteen larger villages within the District or do you think that the Council should consider an alternative approach?

The Town Council considers the District should slacken the restrictions in relation to villages and referred back to the response to question 5.

Q22. Affordable Housing

Do you consider that the existing reference to nine dwellings in Policy 9 of LPP1 should be removed from the policy to allow larger schemes to come forward where there is evidence of local need in excess of that which could be met by the provision of nine dwellings?


Q23 Affordable Housing

Do you consider that the existing policy approach, which seeks to prevent exception sites coming forward adjacent to the four main towns within the District, should be amended?


Q 24. Affordable Housing

Do you consider that the Council should continue with its existing policy approach, which allows for a small number of market homes on rural exception sites?


Q25. Self-Build and Custom-Build

Do you consider that the Council should facilitate the provision of self-build housing by any, some, or all of the following options?

  1. Allowing serviced plots to come forward under the current development plan policies
  2. Updating Policy 7 (Delivering Homes) in the Local Plan Part 1 to promote the provision of serviced plots of land for self-build housing.
  3. Requiring on sites above a certain size that serviced self-build plots should be made available as a proportion of the total number of dwellings permitted (with or without a minimum number being specified) on-site.
  4. Allowing a proportion (up to 100%) of self-build plots on exception sites (with controls over the resale value of the properties).
  5. Identifying land in public ownership which would be sold only for self-build development.
  6. The use of Local Development Orders to facilitate self-build development

Yes, to all of the options.

Q26. Self-Build and Custom-Build

Are there any other approaches that could be used to meet the demand for self-build housing?


Q 27. Ensuring the Vitality and Viability of Town Centres

Do you consider that the existing hierarchy and network of centres, as set out in LPP1, should be amended to include Stalbridge as a ‘local centre’?


Q28. Important Open or Wooded Areas

Do you agree that those IOWAs, which are protected from development by other planning policies or legislation, should be deleted?


Q29. The A350 Corridor

Do you consider that the land which is identified and safeguarded for the Shaftesbury Outer Bypass and the Charlton Marshall and Spetisbury Bypass should continue to be identified and safeguarded for such purpose?

Yes. With the growing number of houses the bypasses are a big need for growing the economy of North Dorset

Further comments:

The Town Council would like to see the future use of the Cattle Market land identified in the Local Plan, that the Cattle market site irrespective of defined use joins up with the Town centre and has clear links in terms of thoroughfare. It is of vital importance that if Retail is identified as the most commercially viable partner that this is not in direct competition with the High Street and complements the offer in the Town and does not compete.


The Town Council would like to see mention of local power generation and renewable energy. For Shaftesbury Specific areas wind turbines would not be suitable.




For further information contact Shaftesbury Town Council, Tel: 01747 852420 or email:


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